Yamada 5 is a group of mini basketball players consists of five identical brothers.

Yamada 5
Yamada 5
Some attributes
First episode 21
Second N/A
Third N/A
Other attributes
Yamada 5 (2)

Yamada 5 about their ambition

Yamada 5 (5)

Secret art: Senju Kannon defense

Appearance Edit

They wears matching purple and yellow basketball unifrorms numbered from 1 to 5 with black and red sneakers. All of them wears a high pony tail with different highlights on the left sde.

The one who wears number 1 also seems to be the leader, he has red hightlights on his left.

The one who wears number 2 has blue highlights.

The one who wears number 3 has yellow highlights.

The one who wears number 4 has pink highlights.

And the one who wears number 5 has green highlights.

When they were younger they didn't have the pony tails.

Personality Edit

They're very passionate about basketball and plan to one day take the basketball world by storm. They said they only remember people who plays basketball as they refuse to acknowledge Koji.

They used to play basketball with Haneru and Hiroto in grade school days but almost always lose due to their combination. They ran into Hiroto in episode 21 and challenged him to a match with the condition of running a lap around the town naked, saying that without Haneru now, Hiroto wouldn't be a match for them. They're arrogant but not the kind of people who back down on their words since they seriously going to run naked when they lost, stopped by Hiroto saying that he don't want people calling the police.

Skills Edit

They however have a special basketball skill called: Secret art: Senju Kannon defense


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