Mr wakui
First Appearence
Anime episode 1
Kanji 涌井
Rōmaji Wakui
Gender male
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Team N/A
Style N/A
Active yes
Japanese Shinya Takahashi
English Unknown

Wakui (涌井) A security guard at the Hometown History Memorial Hall where Haneru and Kanon originally practise.

Appearance Edit

Mr. Wakui is an old man, he has gray hair and bald in the middle part, except for one gray stoke of hair kinda like a ahoge. He has black eyes.

He usually wears a white chemise shirt and a neck strap string attach to a id card, brown pants and black shoes.

Personality Edit

He's a nice old man who's always very supportive towards Kanon and Haneru, he's also the very first person who acknowlegde their dancing. Haneru once danced for him after he got back from Dance Road with him team. He has always been a friendly and trustworthy person to Haneru and Kanon.

Relationships Edit

Tobitatsu Haneru Edit

Otosaki Kanon Edit

Mr wakui2

Mr. Wakui at his work place