you know. the snack fight ep might sounds kinda dumb but it has elements for a good ep like strangly how both team sakura and yuji appeared. all of the other dance teams knows about kanon and heneru's fight and it just funny how for one ep, like the whole world knows about this "thing" and how it has always causes fight in the past as well as the now (i'm getting dramatic here, i even wanted to say "the whole world seems small" but tbh it wasn't even supposed to be dramatic or deep. it just funny and interesting for a bit. i just enjoy the teams presence a lot and wonder how that one pointless ep gets all the good ppl in the anime.)

makes you wonder what kinda of snacks sota likes

also kumo is babe in that ep, remember when mizuki and yuzuru asked him which snacks he likes and to be careful the answer might tear the team apart and he was like "it's that serious?". like i wasn't even expect him to give any shits about the fight but he did, and he was very confused. like yeah he didn't at first too but i expect sth like "don't overact over food like that" and kinda ruins everybody's pride for a bit. but no, he wasn't a party blooper. he's cute. my sinamon roll.

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