the names of each post might sounds different but i asure you that it is all venting.

anyway, what i wanted to say that in the whole anime, my fav eps are 21, 27 and 35. Hiroto, Yuji and Sota. babes. i could never express enough love for them. funny how it isn't even the dance road eps lol

hmm. come to think of it. i haven't rewatch the recent eps at all. i can't even remember the round 4 and it was bomb.

yah. to be exact. i don't recall much from ep 28 and so on. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. this is something that need to be fixed

oh jfc i really need to rewatch. i'm editing Mimiji and i'm sure she has appeared more than twice but beats me i can't remember the 3rd time :(