what a nice day off. living in anxiety of things i haven't done and will likely to face but still better than actually facing it i suppose.

anyway, i had a dream about tcc yesterday. it was great hihihi. although it makes almost no sense but you know how dreams are, i'm just glad i dreamt about tcc. it's a spin-off about the sub characters or sth but you still see a bit of the main ppl and appearally they're on vaction at a beach. again, it makes no sense. idk it started its first ep like 5 eps away from the actual ending of tcc-which is probably now :P. idk dreams are messed up, maybe i was just expecting a second season. that is, if there will be one-which i seriously doubt. i myself won't make one tbh. probably from one of those few sites which adds tcc "season 1" to the tittle and i'm like "as if there's ever season 2". its name is tribe sth sth i can't remember but there is "tribe" :/ hm. weird.

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