Tribe Chrome Dome
Tribe chrome dome
First Appearence
Anime episode 28
Kanji ライブツルツル
Rōmaji Toraibu Tsurutsuru
Gender male
Age over 70 (?)
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Team Tribe Chrome Dome
Style Unknown
Active yes
Japanese Unknown
English Unknown
Tribe chrome dome 2

Tribe Chrom Dome in the Bunchaka festival

Tribe Chrome Dome is a team Mizuki was asked to train. It's a team her friend's grandpa started with his friends, they're all over seventies and are all beginers. They even offered to dance in the upcoming festival, Mizuki was asked to help them put on a respectable show.

Appearance Edit

They're a group of 4 old mens. They're all bald, one with pink sweatsuit, one with blue, one with green and one with orange sweatsuit.

Personality Edit

They're a bit annoying old mens sine they're rather strict on Mizuki about time and doesn't really take her lesson seriously but keep saying that those moves were far too complicated for old people like them or fake pain so Mizuki would give them a massage. Basically they didn't do anything in their practise session but complain and give Mizuki quite a hard time.

Even though they like Mizuki as soft as always giving them massage or put up with their complains; they still like Mizuki when she's strict on them and make them practise for real, especially when she laugh because she was more natural then, not with the forceful "okay", that was her real expression.

Trivia Edit

The name Tribe Chrome Dome was from Mizuki's nightmare where everybody in Tribe Cool Crew turns into old mens and she just happened to came up with the name. The team likes it so they decided to keep it.

They called Mizuki Princess from the begining and when Mizuki went strict on them, they called her Demon Princess.

They appeared in episode 44 in the Bunchaka fesival wearing the traditional haori.