Tribal Soul is a team founded by Akira- who later injured himself and stopped dancing, debut in episode 2, Tribal Soul later team up with Cool Crew and form Tribe Cool Crew.

At first, there's only Kumo and Mizuki but Yuzuru's dancing caught Kumo's attention, he challenged Yuzuru to a dance battle and later added him to the members.

Members Edit

Akira Mochizuki

Sakagami Kumonosuke

Group Dance Tribe Cool Crew For Your Inspiration02:01

Group Dance Tribe Cool Crew For Your Inspiration

Tribal Soul's dance

Tribe Cool Crew, Episode 34 Dance02:07

Tribe Cool Crew, Episode 34 Dance

Tribal Soul vs Cool Crew episode 34

Mashiro Mizuki

Tenpoin Yuzuru

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