Tobitatsu Tetsuo
First Appearence
Anime Unknown
Kanji 飛竜 テツオ
Rōmaji Tobitatsu Tetsuo
Gender male
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Team N/A
Style N/A
Active yes
Japanese Unknown
English Unknown

Tobitatsu Tetsuo in the opening

Tobitatsu Tetsuo (飛竜 テツオ) is the father of Haneru and husband of Mariko. Their family runs a crips shop.

Appearance Edit

Tetsuo has spikey brown hair, especially at his two sides and upward bangs most like Haneru, only a lot shorter. He has bold eyebrowns and gold eyes.

He's usually in a blue shirt with collar and gray over-knee length pants. He wears a pair of geta and sometimes apron when he's at work.

He's also in a short dark trimmed blue yukata when he participate in the bunchaka festival.

Personality Edit

He's nice, bold, out-going, a very hard-working and responsible man, sometimes showed to have wild imagination and quite hot-headed. He supports Haneru in his dancing and is generally a good father.

Appearance in the anime Edit

Trivia Edit

He liked a girl in Rising Stars Cultural Academy back in his days of youth but couldn't met her then. He was chased around by this really scary teacher.

He's responsible for druming the taiko in the Bunchaka festival (happens in summer- kinda like a mid summer festival) every years and he's usually let Haneru drum it with him.