Team Sakura
Team sakura
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First episode 14
Second episode 17
Third episode 18
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Team sakura 4
Team sakura 2

"It's not a mirror, but we make it look like one. To do that, we have to mirror our moves" -Sakurazaka Hinata and Sakurazaka Manabi

Team Sakura (TEAM 桜) is a team that takes part in the Dance Road, debut in episode 14.

Members Edit

Sakurazaka Hinata

Sakurazaka Manabi

About Edit

Their dance is to be one with the wind, water and mist. Their real dance style is different from what they performed in Dance Road round 2

In the first round of Dance Road, they were chosen randomly to pass.

In the secound round, they've won.
Team sakura

Team Sakura

Team Sakura - Tribe Cool Crew01:30

Team Sakura - Tribe Cool Crew

Team Sakura's dance in Dance Road round 2

Sakura Team dance ep 3501:00

Sakura Team dance ep 35

Team Sakura dance in episode 35

S Kanon And Kumo otoko - Tribe cool crew02:01

S Kanon And Kumo otoko - Tribe cool crew

Team Sakura vs Kanon and spider guy episode 42

In the 3rd round, they're one of the 3 winning teams.

In the 4th round, they team up with Explosive Machine Guns and form Blossom Bullets due to the theme of round 4-"change" and is 1 of the remaining 2 teams.

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