Sakota Riki
First Appearence
Anime episode 11
Kanji 迫田 リキ
Rōmaji Sakota Riki
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Team Explosive Mchine Guns (former)

Blossom Bullets (later)

Style Jerkin' Footwork, House
Active Yes
Japanese Kōhei Aoyama
English Unknown
Sakota Riki (野口 ソータ) is the leader and choreographer of Explosive Machine Guns team later he's in Blossom Bullets.

Profile Edit

"As Explosive Machine Guns's leader, Riki has a distinctive presence and is the big brother type of the team who is really dependable in times. His speciality is high-speed dancing like house with his impactful and cool moves." Tribe Cool Crew's official page

Appearance Edit

He's a tall and tan man with short navy blue hair and almost star-shapedat the sides. He has yellow eyes, a beard and moustache. He also has thick eyesbrown which looks like an oval stick to a line.

He wears the team uniform black t-shirt with their team name shorten to "BM" at the left bottom; over a purple and sleeveless on the left hoodie and a deep blue shirt inside. He also has a signature white cap, yellow sunglasses, green sneakers and two black wrist braclets on the left.

Personality Edit

He's the grown-up model of the team and also the leader so he's the one keeping an eye on Sota and Yuji. He usually stop them by grabbing the back of their collar.

He's a calm and cool guy, kind of laid-back and chill but knows how to handle things

Relationship Edit

Yuji Shishido Edit

He's the one who stop Yuji from embrassing himself while flirting with girls.

Sota Noguchi Edit

He usually with Sota to pick up Yuji.

Kumonosuke Sakagami Edit

He heard about Kumo from Yuji. They seems to develop a broship aquantance with each other.


Riki stop Yuji and Sota from fighting by grabbing the back of their collar