Rising Stars Cultural Academy
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the school's counselor (in rumor)


the school counselor fight thugs (in rumor)


the school's students in Yuzuru's imagination


The school in Yuzuru's imagination

Rising Stars Cultural Academy is Kanon and Ayumu's school. It's a very traditional and prestigious school.

Rising Stars Cultural Academy is a famous all-girls school said to be filled with young ladies from respectable familiies that had to pass an incredibly tough entrance exam to get in. The campus is a garden of flowers that ordinary people can only hope to lay eyes on. Not only are they strict educators, they also demand impeccable etiquette from their students. The school's motto: "Nurturing refined ladies who will take flight into the world."

It sounds amazing but Kanon said they're exaggerating, it's really a normal school.

The school counselor Edit

There are even rumours about the school's counselor. Education, extracurriculor activities, appearance and behavior, she keeps a close eyes on every facet of a student development and whips them into shape. Her catchphrase is: "Can you hold your head high and say this is an act becoming of a student of Rising Stars Cultural Academy?". There are even rumors that she sent a group of thugs to the hospital who picked a fight with students on their way home. Back in the days of Haneru's father, if a guy so much as dared to walk past the front gate, he would get chased around by this terrifying teacher.

But in fact, in Rising Stars Cultural Academy, the motto is to nurture refined ladies who will take flight into the world they do stress discipline but they don't mean to shackle their students. The school counselor explained to Kanon that if she feel she can dance with pride, then it is not their place to meddle. In the end, she only demand Kanon to write a report at least three pages long and that she too looking forward to Kanon's dance at the school festival.