First Appearence
Anime Episode 1
Kanji リズム
Rōmaji Rizumu
Gender Female
Age 13
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Team N/A
Style Unknown
Active No
Japanese Yuri Yamaoka
English Unknown
TRIBE COOL CREW - rhythm no mask

Rhythm without her mask.

Rhythm (リズム) is the internet persona that Otosaki Kanon uploads videos of her dance performances under.

As Kanon was keeping her passion for dancing a secret from her family, she found a way to express herself as Rhythm, anonymously.

Thanks to Haneru, and later, her dance team, she quit using her identity as Rhythm and danced as herself, being no longer afraid to express herself due to the encouragement she received from her new-found friends.

Kanon officially threw away her Rhythm mask in episode 20

Appearance Edit

Rhythm has long pink hair that is tied into two tails, each with a blue round cube at the start and ends with an oval shaped yellow hair tie. She always wears a blue mask while performing. She also has a pink earing on her right ear in a shape of the letter "R"

She wears a white sleeveless on the left dress with read beads belt and short tight. On her right leg, she also wears a green sock with butterfly pattern. She wears red sneakers.