Otosaki Kimika
Kimika 3
First Appearence
Anime Unknown
Kanji 音咲 キミカ)
Rōmaji Otosaki Kimika
Gender female
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Team N/A
Style N/A
Active yes
Japanese Unknown
English Unknown
Kimika 4

Kimika in the opening


Kimika in Jey's concert

Kimika 2

Kimika dreaming about Yuzuru

Otosaki Kimika (音咲 キミカ) is the older sister of Kanon.

Appearance Edit

Kimika has pinkish red hair and matching colors eyes with visible eyelashes. She usually wears pink lipstick and also has thin line eyebrowns that seems to connected to small pink circles at the end of each.

She wears a sand colored long sleeves shirt with two purple buttons near the neck part and light blue jeans.

She wears a black t-shirt with Jey's mark over her usual outfit when she goes to Jey El concert.

Personality Edit

She is kind and very understanding towards Kanon, she supports her sister's dream of dancing and is very proud of her.

She also seems to be a bit competitive when she first met Yuzuru as she tries to prove her love for flavored tea.

She also seems to have a crush on Yuzuru.

Trivia Edit

She likes Jey El a lot, she was cheering wildly for him at his concert.

She is no longer at school, he has a job.

She enjoyed tea time since she was five years old.