First Appearence
Anime episode 1
Kanji コウジ
Rōmaji Kouji
Gender male
Age 13
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Team N\A
Style N\A
Active yes
Japanese Unknown
English Unknown

Koji as a kid

Koji (コウジ) is Haneru and Hiroto's childhood friend. He also goes to the same school as Hiroto and Haneru.

Appearance Edit

Koji has short brown hair with his bangs swifted upward and brown eyes. He usually wears a white sweater over a purple shirt and white pants. Otherwise, he's in his uniform.

Personality Edit

Koji is a meek and friendly boy, fun loving and very supportive towards his friends. Quite obedient but at times can be devilish. He stays open to his feelings but is well aware of boundaries and what should or shouldn't be done in situations. As seen he usually stops Haneru from getting into fights and has to put up with Hiroto's stubbornness.

He has average acedemic abilities, not great but better than Haneru.

Relationships Edit

Haneru Tobitatsu Edit

He's Haneru's best friend and chilhood friend. He's a little sad that Haneru is drifting away from him since now he's all about dancing but still wants so support him as a friend. He and Haneru are often seen to hangs out together.

Hiroto Edit

He's Hiroto's childhood friend, they're still in touch but not as much as they used to since Hiroto is being bitter towards Haneru's dancing and he's not good at basketball to play with Hiroto. However, he still gives advice and see Hiroto as a friend. Later, after resolving the conflict between Hiroto and Haneru, they hang out toghether like they used to again.

Kanon Otosaki Edit

He met Kanon a few times through Haneru.

Ito Ayumu Edit

Ayumu is Kanon's friend, he met her a couple of times. When Ayumu's trying to make Haneru and Kanon a couple, he had to help her set them up but it didn't worked out in the end. Ayumu developed romantic feelings towards him in the end but he's still seems to be oblivious about this.

Trivia Edit

He and Haneru drank 150 bottles of Rocket Cider and to get points and won 2 Jey El's concert tickets.

He likes Jey very much too. He and Haneru goes to Jey's concert together.