Ito Ayumu
First Appearence
Anime episode 1
Kanji Unknown
Rōmaji Unknown
Gender female
Age 13
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Team N\A
Style N\A
Active yes
Japanese Atsumi Tanezaki
English Unknown
Ito Ayumu is Kanon Otosaki's classmate. She usually comes to see Kanon's team dances too.

She also attend Rising Stars Cultural Academy.

Appearance Edit

Ayumu has brown and short hair, a little spikey at the end and light brown eyes. She appeared to have the ever lasting blushes on her cheeks too.

She's usually in her school outfit which consist a blue vest with white trim and skirt.

She wears a lot of normal outfit outside school or watching Kanon dances too.

Personality Edit

She is a bright and romantic girl. At first, she thought that Kanon looks alot like Rhythm to later discovered that Kanon was Rhythm and has been supportive towards Kanon's dancing since.

She once tried to make Haneru and Kanon a couple after reading a romantic novel online and spent a whole day at the amusement park, came up with a lot of plans but it still didn't worked out in the end.

However, she seems to developed a feeling for Koji.

Relationships Edit

Otosaki Kanon Edit

She's Kanon's friend and very supportive towards Kanon's dancing.

Haneru Tobitatsu Edit

She met him a few times through Kanon.

Koji Edit

She dragged him in her plans to make Kanon and Haneru a couple. She ended up having a bit of a feeling for him.

History Edit

In episode 9, she asked Kanon to enter the school's festival dance contest since she had already signed up for her and the Dance club is in abit of a tight spot because they didn't have enough entrants. But when Kanon said she can't do it, she apologized Kanon and said she really love how Kanon looked while dancing in class the day before and just wanted everyone to see it.