Tribe Cool Crew OP -HEARTBEAT- Tv02:00

Tribe Cool Crew OP -HEARTBEAT- Tv.Size

Heartbeat is the first opening and ending of the Tribe Cool Crew anime, performed and composed by lol.

The opening has changed 3 times.

The first time is in episode 9, instead of Haneru and Kanon dacing from 0:43 to 0:56, it's the whole Tribe Cool Crew team. It is like that for all the later episode

The second time is in episode 15, added Sakurazaka Hinata and Sakurazaka Manabi in characters show from 1:23 till 1:44.

The third time is in episode 48, added Lui, Moe and Momiji in characters show from 1:23 till 1:44.

Characters Edit

So far, the characters shown in the opening are:

Tobitatsu Haneru

Otosaki Kanon

Tenpoin Yuzuru

Mashiro Mizuki

Sakagami Kumonosuke

Master T

Mr. Wakui


Tobitatsu Tetsuo

Tobitatsu Mariko

Otosaki Yurika

Otosaki Kimika


Ito Ayumu


Rising Stars Cultural Academy's guidance counselor


Shishido Yuji

Noguchi Sota

Sakota Riki

Sakurazaka Hinata

Sakurazaka Manabi




Jey El

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