Explosive machine guns

Explosive Machine Guns

The Explosive Machine Guns is a team that takes part in the Dance Road, debut in episode 11.

Members Edit

Riki Sakota: leader and center

Yuji Shishido

Sota Noguchi

Explosive Machine Guns dance - Tribe Cool Crew01:31

Explosive Machine Guns dance - Tribe Cool Crew

About Edit

Their dance music is called "Crazy burst"

In the 1st round of Dance road, they were one of the 5 winning team.

In the 2nd round of Dance Road they were randomly selected to past.

In the 3rd round, they're also one of the 3 winning team.

In the 4th round, they team up with Team Sakura, formed Blossom Bullets and are one of the 2 remaining team.

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