"We're Finally Here! Jey's Island!"

As Tribe Cool Crew and Blossom Bullets all set off to Jey's private island for the final round of Dance Road, Yuzuru brings along Momiji, who has been investigating the disappearance of Crowd High trendsetters. Arriving on the island, a man named Nelson gives everyone a tour, telling how Jey had taken care of him and several over children from poverished countries, before assembling with the other finalists. There, the project's lead Mabel reveals Jey to be a Dance Roid robot that replaced the real Jey after he fell into a coma five years ago, which does not settle well with Haneru. Mabel further reveals the purpose of Dance Road is to recruit ghost dancers who will update the Dance Roid with new moves. As everyone is given the night to decide if they wish to proceed, Master T takes Haneru and the others to see the real Jey in his comatose state, further driving their desire to dance. The next day, the Dance Road finals are suddenly crashed by Lui, Moe, and the other Crowd High trendsetters, as Gallagher announces his plan to take over Dance Road.