"Happy! Operation Shopping!?" "Happii! Okaemono Daisakusen!?" (ハッピイ!お変えもの大作戦!?) 

The Sakura sisters decide to join Kanon and Ayumu on their outing to the shopping mall, where they start buying everything they set their eyes on. Meanwhile, Kumo is secretly working at the mall as a hero show villain, who is forced to try and hide his identity when he discovers Kanon and the others nearby. The Sakura sisters soon decide to enter into a talent contest, which they decide to turn into a dance battle against Kanon. With Ayumu too afraid to perform alongside her and Haneru running late with his own work, Kumo appears in costume to act as Kanon's dance partner. Team Sakura win with a close vote, but decide to give the prize to Kanon as a present for her mother's birthday.  

S Kanon And Kumo otoko - Tribe cool crew02:01

S Kanon And Kumo otoko - Tribe cool crew

Team Sakura vs Kanon and spider guy


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