"Shiny Cool Crew" 

"Kirakira Kurukuru" (キラキラクルクル) 

Following Kumo's recovery, the gang head to the beach for a training camp. There, Kumo comes across a mysterious girl named Hotaru who once witnessed Jey dancing on the very same beach, making the ocean shine. Upon checking into their hotel, Kumo learns that Hotaru was the owner's daughter who had been gone for ten years ago. Wanting to fulfil his promise to Hotaru, Kumo asks the gang to help make the ocean shine with their moves. Together, the gang performs moves similar to Jey and make the ocean light up, which is later revealed to be caused by water fireflies reacting to their dance. The next day, Kumo is surprised to see Hotaru alive and well as a married woman, leaving Kumo to wonder who the girl he met really was 

Tribe Cool Crew 41 - TriCool+Jey Dance

Tribe Cool Crew 41 - TriCool+Jey Dance

Tribe Cool Crew dance episode 41


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