"The Change Demanded of Us! Overcome Dance Road!" "Motomerareru Henka! Dansu Rōdo o Norikoero!" (求められる変化!ダンスロードを乗り越えろ!) 

As the teams assemble for the fourth round of Dance Road, the competitors' fears about the legitimacy of the contest are allieviated when Jey speaks directly to them via hologram. As the contest gets underway, Team Sakura and Explos1ve Machine Guns reveal they have merged together to form Blossom Bullets, impressing everyone with their debut performance. Encouraged by Kumo's words, Haneru comes to understand that Tribe Cool Crew's 'change' comes from how much they've evolved since they formed, deciding they should just perform the way they are now. Both Tribe Cool Crew and Blossom Bullets make it through to the next and final round of Dance Road