"Tribal Soul vs. Cool Crew" 

"Toraiburu Souru tai Kurukuru" (トライバルソウル対クールクルー) 

As Kanon feels downhearted about the team's break up, she is approached by the Sakura sisters, who suggest she think about whether she should remain with her friends or aim for higher heights. Later, Kanon's mother gives her Jey's autobiography, describing the pain he felt when forced to choose between his team and his career. Later, Cool Crew and Tribal Soul face off in a dance battle, which Tribal Soul manage to win after showing off some improved moves. Hearing some thoughts from the audience, Ayumu suggests that the reason Cool Crew lost is because they weren't passionate enough. This leads Kanon to realise she was wrong to hold herself back and that the important thing about dancing to appeal to the audience, deciding to reform Tribe Cool Crew