"Momiji Returns! The Fiery Finger Click" "Momiji Ritānzu! Honō no Yubi Patchin" (モミジ・リターンズ!炎の指ぱっちん) 

Momiji comes to the group wanting to become a dancer, with Haneru given the stressful task of teaching her the basics. As Haneru struggles to keep her under control by day, at night, Momiji investigates Green Square's arena, sensing a dark energy. The next day, as Momiji becomes determined to learn how to snap her fingers for a salute, she takes Haneru's lessons more seriously and manages to jam well with just isolation moves. After seeing Jey's moves, however, she decides she can't match up to him and quits dancing, but not before learning to snap her fingers. Before leaving for the mountains, Momiji explains how she felt an ominous aura. 

Tribe Cool Crew, Episode 32 Dance01:35

Tribe Cool Crew, Episode 32 Dance

Tribe Cool Crew dance with Momiji


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