"Ayumu's Operation Lovey-Dovey!" "Ayumu no Rabu-Rabu Daisakusen!" (アユムのラブラブ大作戦!) 

Assuming there's something romantic going on between Haneru and Kanon, Ayumu comes up with a "lovey-dovey operation" in the hopes of pushing them together, roping Koji into her cause. The four of them go to an amusement park, where Ayumu tries all sorts of things to try and push Haneru and Kanon together, with little success. Ayumu tries to arrange an opportunity for Kanon to confess, but she instead uses it to express her gratitude to Haneru for becoming her teammate. Determined to make her plan a success, Ayumu has them go through a haunted house, but when things go awry and she winds up in the house herself, it is Koji that helps her through it. Despite her plan becoming a complete failure, Ayumu starts to develop her own crush.