"The Cup and Ball Guy's Vow!" "Kendama no Chikai!" (ケンダマの誓い!) 

Haneru comes across a young boy named Satoshi, who turns out to be Yuji's younger brother who lives separately from him due to their parents getting divorced years ago. Having run away from his mother, who has since gotten remarried, Satoshi gets upset with Yuji for not fulfilling a promise to let him live with him once he becomes the world's greatest dancer. Not wanting to go home, Satoshi spends the night with Haneru, who is challenged to a dance-off by Yuji. The next day, after the battle takes place, Yuji is declared the winner as Haneru had kept glancing at Satoshi, who has renewed admiration for his older brother. 

Tribe Cool Crew, Episode 27 Dance02:14

Tribe Cool Crew, Episode 27 Dance

Dance battle between Yuji and Haneru


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