"Lui & Moe" "Rui ando Moe" (ルイ&モエ) 

After arriving in Suwa, where the Dance Road is set to take place, Haneru and Kanon decide to explore the area. There, they are saved from some delinquents by two street dancers named Lui and Moe. After seeing how proud the pair are of their team color, Haneru becomes curious if Tribe Cool Crew should have matching colors as well. After coming across Lui and Moe at their dango shop, Kumo, annoyed with Lui insulting the crew for its lack of team color, challenges Lui and Moe to a dance battle against him and Mizuki. Observing how Kumo and Mizuki are in perfect harmony, Haneru comes to understand that their team is its own unique color, impressing Lui with his Galaxy Walk

Tribe Cool Crew, Ep 23 Dance Battle01:43

Tribe Cool Crew, Ep 23 Dance Battle


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