"Clash! Haneru and Hiroto" "Gekitotsu! Haneru to Hiroto" (激突!ハネルとヒロト) 

Haneru tries to get Hiroto interested in dance, but he continues to be stubborn as he believes Haneru will eventually throw it aside like he believes he has with basketball. When Hiroto is confronted by their former classmates, the Yamada 5, who challenge him to a basketball match with their shame on the line, the others convince Haneru to come to his aid. Remembering the basketball moves that Hiroto taught him when they were kids, Haneru manages to bring back the score before the two of them use their special 'rocket dunk' to win the match, reminding Hiroto of how much fun they had together. Accepting Haneru's love of dance, Hiroto gives him some advice to help him pull off the galaxy walk at will.