"The Longest Day of Kanon's Life" "Kanon no Ichiban Nagai Hi" (カノンの一番長い日) 

Kanon is approached by a talent scout who wants to make her an idol for his talent agency due to her talents as Rhythm. This, along with the next Dance Road taking place in another prefecture, puts further pressure on Kanon to tell her parents about her street dancing, particularly as her mother, Suika, does not appear to approve of it. While trying to work up the courage, Suika discovers the scout's businesscard, learning everything Kanon has been doing from him and grounding her. Hearing about the situation, Haneru and the others learn Suika used to be an idol herself before she got married. The gang go over to to Kanon's house to talk with Suika, encouraging Kanon to stand up for herself and express her love of dance to her. Regretting ignoring Kanon's feelings out of the struggles she had from society for marrying a politician, Suika gives her approval to let Kanon keep dancing, allowing Kanon to properly discard her Rhythm identity.