"It's Complete? Galaxy Walk" "Dekita? Gyarakushī Wōku" (出来た?ギャラクシーウォーク) 

While thinking about how to up his game, Haneru unconsciously performs an advanced moonwalk that he dubs the "Galaxy Walk", only to find himself unable to remember how he did it. Later, the gang show up at his family's store to ask his parents to take him along on a trip they were planning, becoming impressed by the way his father makes senbei in the process. As Haneru continues to struggle with remembering his move, they are approached by Wakui, who recounts his disco fever days, managing to do a 'backslide' after so many years due to it being ingrained in his body. After dipping a little into some disco fever himself, Haneru manages to pull off the Galaxy Walk once again while deep in thought, but ends up forgetting how to do it again immediately afterwards.