"Genesis?! Tribal Soul!" (誕生!? トライバルソウル! "Tanjō!? Toraiburu Souru!"

While visiting an old dancing ground, Mizuki comes across Akira Mochizuki, a former street dancer and the founding member of Tribal Soul. Mizuki tells the others about how she, an introvert, and Kumo, someone who'd get into fights easily, first met Akira during middle school. As the two spent more time observing Akira's dance, they learnt how to dance from him and grow out of their former selves. One day, however, Akira severely injured his knee during a dance tournament, forcing him to quit dancing. Having heard Mizuki's story, Haneru and the others promise to carry on Akira's soul as he heads off to America to be a choreographer.  

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