"Life in the Fast Lane! Explosive Machine Guns!" (光速!爆音マシンガンズ!!"Kōsoku! Bakuon Mashīn Ganzu!" ) 

Explosive Machine Guns gives an impressive performance, earning much applause from the audience. Whilst awaiting the results, Haneru hears that Yuji is aiming to shows his dance to certain someone. Both Tribe Cool Crew and Explosive Machine Guns make it into the top five, earning their places in the second round. After the event, Haneru is given the responsibility of holding onto a Jey pin through which the details of the second round will be sent. Thinking about Yuji's goals, Haneru and Kanon get everyone together to perform for Mr. Wakui, the owner of the building they originally practised at, to show their appreciation. Afterwards, Jey sends a message through the pins explaining the theme for the second round; fighting.