"Close Encounters of the Tengu Kind! Yuzuru's Disappeared!" (怪奇天狗伝説 ユヅルが消えた!"Kaiki Tengu Densetsu, Yuzuru ga Kieta!" ) 

The gang is introduced to Momiji Ogarasu, Yuzuru's alleged fiancée who wants to take him back with her as she is almost of marrying age. Fearing the team may split if Yuzuru got married, the others decide to head to Mt. Tengu, where they meet Momiji's grandfather, Hanazo. While Haneru undergoes 'tengu training' with Hanazo, Momiji brings the others to Yuzuru, who remains quiet over whether he intends to return to the group or not. Later, however, Yuzuru gives the others a meal coupled with a performance by Tribe Cool Crew. Seeing his performance, Momiji understands that Yuzuru is the happiest with his teammates, deciding to wait a bit longer before she can prove herself to be a worthwhile wife.