First Appearence
Anime episode 29
Kanji Unknown
Rōmaji Unknown
Gender male
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Team N/A
Style N/A
Active yes
Japanese Unknown
English Unknown

One of the robber duo who called themselves the millennial revolutionaries.

In episode 29, he and Johnny robbed the Takeyama Tea Salon for the legendary tea- Miracle Diamond planning to sell it for money. They didn't bring any weapons though, they just cut off the shop from all comunications so the customer couldn't call the cops.

After taking the tea, theey decided to use Kanon-who happens to be at the store with her sister; as a shield to escape.

Appearance Edit

Billy is small and has round-shaped head, bald with black spikey eyebrowns and small moustache.

He wears a navy blue sweat jacket, bluish gray pants and gray shoes